E-Bike Rent

Rent an electric bike and stroll through the coast’s distinctive streets and alleys.

Explore the hidden beauties of this land and access to all the limited traffic zones of the centre renting an e-bike

An alternative way to move among the streets of the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi coast is renting an electric bike, an e-bike (also known as pedal assisted bicycle). You will move freely, reaching even the limited traffic zones, you won't incur any fuel costs and you can stay in shape by getting some physical activity.

According to the law, the motor is limited to a speed of 25 km per hour. The minimum age to ride the e-bike is 16 years old for the S-Pedelec type, while for the Pedelec bikes there is no age limit, but under the age of 14, a helmet is mandatory.

Why an E-bike?

With an electric bike you can avoid the traffic, you can travel silently thus contributing to reducing noise pollution in the city, you can park it everywhere, without paying, and it has positive effects on your health as despite having the engine, it is necessary to pedal for it to go forward, this has positive effects on the heart, lungs and for blood pressure, as well as reducing stress levels and being positive for the mind.

Why an E-bike?

Do you need to rent a e-bike?

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